Admittedly not having any government experience, my intention is to team up with current Senators that I respect such as Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Joni Ernst.  As for others, I will use tools like Conservative Review to decide how to work with them.  I will also listen and take advice from others but I will keep my CONSTITUTIONAL PRINCIPLES intact!
I know many politicians talk about fighting for what is right but then once they're in office sell themselves out to the highest bidder or to the media.  I developed my principles long before I considered doing this. I've honed them over the years listening to talk radio and researching the concepts and articles they talk about as well as reading the books and literature they mention in their shows.  And life in general has taught me the truth in them.  I AM NOT FOR SALE!
No one is perfect.  Should things come to my desk that make the choice less clear, I will always look for the choice that means more personal freedom.  I would rather err on the side of liberty than be complicit in more government tyranny!




Most government agencies have a purpose.  But the fact is they are also a major factor in the cost and abuse of government power.  Some of these agencies need to be cut completely to let the Sates handle them as The Constitution prescribes and others need to be put under specific and limited charters.  Many of them have programs that are redundant to other agencies and some of those redundancies are repeated multiple times making beaurocrats and lobbyists rich while skyrocketing the debt.  I will always be on the look out for ways to make these kinds of cuts!
Making government better is not always about cost cutting.  Some things need to be done that take money.  I know politicians talk about crumbling roads and bridges but the fact is, I've been driving on federal highways and interstates for the last thirteen years.  There really are places in dire need of repair and updating.  The problem I've seen is that many places that aren't in bad shape keep getting repairs while other roads can beat your vehicle up to the point of making you ill and causing minor injuries, I couldn't even imagine the pain people with existing injuries go through in these places.  The fuel tax you pay at the pump needs to be separated from the general fund and only be allowed to be used for those roads and bridges, then after that, if it needs to be adjusted or attached to inflation, it can be as needed.
That's just the base debt.  Not including over 150 trillion in unfunded liability!  But just the debt alone.  That figures up to $314.21 every second since the year 0.  That's right 314 dollars every second for 2017 years!  And this country is only 241 years old!  That means that it's about 2,679 dollars in debt for every second since this country was founded!  Another way of looking at it is over 60 thousand dollars of debt for every single person alive in the entire USA.  THIS PATH OF OVER-SPENDING CAN NOT BE SUSTAINED.  IT IS IN FACT THE SINGLE LARGEST THREAT BY FAR TO NATIONAL SECURITY!  This is in fact an example of generational theft! (A quote from Senator McCain even though he doesn't want to DO anything about it!)
The simple fact is, we did not get this far away from the Constitution over night.  The Progressive, Socialist movement has built this bloated monstrosity over the past century.  Because of that, even with movements such as The Convention of States, it's not going to be put back within it's Constitutional constraints over night either.
Many aspects of the total problem in Washington D.C. are separate, unelected offices and agencies with funding that is set up to be automatic and ever increasing whether the legislators vote on it or not!  What makes this worse even than that is that they were set up with union and union like protections, making it almost impossible to fire or lay these people off.  But unlike what the establishment political class want you to believe, it is not completely impossible.
A Convention of States certainly could make the process of eliminating and limiting these agencies a lot easier but it can be done from within.  Especially in times like these where the vote is tight and it can come down to one senator going one way or the other.  Now, that can't always work because often when things that tight come up, it's really a simple matter of what's right and wrong and then I would have to stand up for what is right no matter what side issues can be squeezed in on the table but there is absolutely nothing wrong with trying to get even more of what's right in the bargain.
Much like what is going on with health care in this Graham-Cassidy bill, most of the time we will only be able to make small progress at chipping away this European style Socialism that has become the fabric of our Federal Government but I will happily take small piecemeal victories just as much as taking big ones when the opportunity presents itself.  I also have no problem garnering support from small coalitions of true conservatives as well.  After all, that is how it was done to us!
I am not just bringing constitutionalism with me.  I am also bringing the COURAGE to stand up for it!
While I have an understanding of a wide range of industries, no one person knows it all.  When crafting or reviewing legislative acts, I will call on actual experts of the industry in question!  I refuse to just rely on beaurocrats and attorneys or think tanks that do not actually work in the field that is being looked at.  Too often politicians don't seek information from people who really know the businesses they are governing!
   Article 5 is perhaps the greatest peaceful check and balance on the power of the federal government that the founders gave us.  This movement to use the ammendment process to restore the Constitution and to save the Republic is a possible good step and I support it.  I have however been made aware of some of the concerns of those against it.  I do still see it as a solution that has merit, if the convention itself can be restrained to limited purpose.  While I am running for this office under the 17th amendment, I do see the States as the only ones likely to repeal it.  I also don't see congress proposing term limits on itself.  However those concerns about it going the wrong way are duly noted and I won't hide from the fact that it is possible.  So, while I still support it for at least these two amendments, there is cause for caution. 
   *Thank you Tennessee Constitutional Grassroots Movement and the parent group, Constitutional Grassroots Movement for introducing me to more material on the subject to learn from.  I am always listening.*
When it comes to PARTY POLITICS, there are two facts that are overwhelmingly sad but true.
First is about Democrats: When the Democratic Party is in power, they get results for their socialist base!
Second is about Republicans:  When the Republican Party is in power, they forget about the conservative, constitutional base that ELECT THEM!
I am one of the constitutionalist, conservative base and I want to show Americans that there really is a choice better than European style SOCIALISM!