Nothing's going to change until "WE THE PEOPLE" change it!
  1. I am Aaron Pettigrew
    Hello, my name is Aaron Pettigrew and I am a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Tennessee. I am pro life, pro freedom of speech, pro freedom of Religion, and pro 2nd Amendment. I am also pro privacy Rights as well as pro States Rights. I am running to restore Constitutional constraints on our Federal Government. I will fight to restore your Constitutional freedoms. I will fight to stop Federal debt spending and I will fight to make Citizens and Veterans our priority over invading aliens and world-wide refugees. I believe that returning to a Constitutional and only a Constitutional Federal Government is the best and only way to "make America great again." I believe that if we act now, we can make that happen with common sense steps that really will benefit everyone but if we wait too much longer, it won't be that easy. Nothing's going to change until "WE THE PEOPLE" change it! Thank you for your time, God bless and take care. Instrumental to "God Bless the U.S.A." purchased from receipt may be provided upon request.
  2. An unscripted introduction, My first video and just to introduce myself.
    This is just an unscripted introduction. I was unused to talking to my tablet so you will notice some hesitation but I wanted you to see me unprepared and out there.
  3. Why I am running for U.S. Senate.
    This video is to give you an idea as to why I chose to run for U.S. Senate. I love Tennessee, it has become my home and I want to serve and preserve tha State and the Sovereignty of the State.
  4. Yet another reason to be against gun control.
    This is me on gun control. I chose to explain a totally different reason why gun control will never work here in the United States. I can make one and if I can do it, there are thousands of others who can as well. There is more commentary but that one reason alone should be noted.
  5. My slogan.
    This is about my slogan, "Nothing's going to change until WE THE PEOPLE change it!
  6. On immigration, amnesty and DACA.
    This is a short description of my views on immigration issues we are facing today.
  7. What can a trucker know about Government?
    This video is a short description of how my experience in trucking can actually serve well in the Senate.
  8. Money in Politics!
    Are you as frustrated as i am about all the big money in Politics? People spending millions of dollars just to get a $174,000 job? This is my take.
NOW IS THE TIME to send someone to Washington that will speak the truth whether they want to hear it or not!

NOW IS THE TIME to send someone to Washington that will honor the constitution!

NOW IS THE TIME to send someone to Washington that cares more about your childrens future than they do their own political career!

NOW IS THE TIME to send someone to Washington that has the courage to say no to lobbyists and special interests!

NOW IS THE TIME to send someone to Washington that truly understands they are there to serve you, not the other way around!

NOW IS THE TIME to send someone to Washington that cares more about getting our own country in order before we try to tell everyone else in the world how to live!

NOW IS THE TIME to send someone to Washington that puts YOUR RIGHTS above the desires of those that believe you are too stupid to have them!

NOW IS THE TIME to send someone to Washington that will not only say they are pro-life but means it and will push for a Constitutional amendment that will protect the unborn!

NOW IS THE TIME to send someone to Washington that will push for a Constitutional amendment that will END THE ILLEGAL PRACTICE OF ANCHOR BABIES!

NOW IS THE TIME to send someone to Washington that really will listen to you, represent you and serve you!

The Constitution of the United States holds more answers to the needs of this modern republic than the majority of politicians give it credit for!
If those needs change to such an extent that The Constitution doesn't answer them, there are two ways to change it.
That we can no longer afford to keep voting in the same kinds of politicians to either house of congress.  While I see myself as a republican, neither party has demonstrated the courage to CUT the cost of government!
The time is now to remind the federal government that they work for us, WE DO NOT WORK FOR THEM!
This is one thing that I will ALWAYS remember as one of the two senators from Tennessee!
If our government would return to embracing both CONSTITUTIONAL PRINCIPLES and advances in SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY, we could usher in a time of GROWTH AND PROSPERITY beyond any that even our republic has ever seen or even imagined!
If we do these things and start NOW, we can begin leading the rest of the world on a more prosperous and perhaps even peaceful path that would be much better for the future of humanity as a whole!
    The reason the two houses are separate is because the senate is the bridge between your State and Federal governments. While a representative represents you, a senator represents your State and State government.
  2. A WALL
    Tennessee is supposed to be sovereign which means that, with the exception of our common interests in commerce, defense and civility, we are supposed to be free to be Tennessee while other States are free to be the States that their citizens wish to be. We shouldn't have to pay for the mistakes of other States and vice versa.
    All of our lawmakers take an oath to defend The Constitution of The United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. This oath includes the special interest groups and corporate lobbyists that constantly garner for special attention and treatment as well as barriers to competition and more.

Hello, my name is Aaron Pettigrew and this is why I seek your election!

   I am running because I believe in what I have said on this page and those that follow.  With the exception of any copied email questions, quoted items, or copied information and articles, I am the one that is writing everything on this website.  There may be a place for my campaign team and supporters to write here but that will be under their names in a team page when the time comes.  Anything you hear from me in the process of this campaign will be from me.  I may use researchers to get my facts straight and note cards so that I use correct information in speeches but if this past election is proof of anything, it is that WE THE PEOPLE are hungry for a new crop of politicians that speak from the heart even if we don't always agree with them!  I could not have run at any other time because that is the ONLY way I could run for office.  I'm only human but I will say what I believe!
   I am running because I believe that someone with real AMERICAN principles of INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM AND INDEPENDENCE, with an adherence to THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the COURAGE to fight for them, can help make our future and that of our children better than it has been in many years.
   I am running because I believe that with a modern vision of these United States of America, with the potential of this ever changing technological and scientific revolution, while holding on to the spirit of THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE WE THE PEOPLE can truly keep this republic the best and strongest the world has ever known.
   I am running because whether you agree with President Trump or not, he has demonstrated that one person can, with conviction and motivation, fight to keep the promises that they made during their campaign.  Others in government may not wish to help but it still CAN BE DONE!
   I am not running to get rich in politics.  While the salary seems high, maintaining a healthy life in two separate loacations, one of them being Washington D.C. that pay is not too far beyond reasonable.  Contrary to popular belief, the pension of elected officials is not a lifetime equivilant of their pay.  While it is decent, it is comparable to middle and upper management in the private sector.  I also don't care how special interests and lobbyists bribe their way into political favor, that salary is enough for me and I believe politicians spend FAR TOO MUCH time and energy raising side money to honestly govern as we need them to.
   I am not running to become one of these antiquated, permanent fixtures in the Senate or House of Representatives.  I do believe in term limits.  The only three things that would convince me to run for more than a second term is if an OVERWHELMING MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE OF TENNESSEE demonstrate that they want me to and if there is no CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT to limit those terms or if the 17th amendment is repealed and the State asks me to serve again.  Even if those two things happen and I have a third term, I would still be young enough that I would have to live as a regular citizen, just like the rest of you.  I believe that should show you that I am motivated to not support any special rules to apply to myself that would not apply to you!
   I am not running to tow the party line.  I may be a lifelong republican (Please notice the lower case "r.") but neither party has done the right thing for decades although sometimes they have both done it by accident.  My motivation is for my niece, nephews, godchildren and their children as well as those of my extended family and yours!
Elected office of any kind is a position of public service.  As Senator for the Great State of Tennessee, this is something I will never forget!  As your Senator, I will be your employee, not your ruler!  And while in service one can not take every phone call or letter but my response to you will NEVER be based on your ability to donate or influence others.  As long as your call, email or letter is done with respect and courtesy to myself and my staff, we will treat you with the same.  If however, you treat my staff and I in any rude manner we will terminate the correspondence.  I will serve you with professional courtesy and respect and I expect you to communicate with us the same way.